The week of June 17th is quickly approaching!

During this special week of celebration for National Garbage Man Day, starting on June 17th, we will join together to thank the women and men who daily work to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe and clean! Some important changes to note for this year are the new Garbage Man Day logo and slogan.

New Logo


The redesigned logo honors both the women and men who are vital members of the waste management industry. Sure, the name says Garbage Man Day but we all know there are many dedicated women working in this industry too. This logo represents the achievements of everyone in the industry working together towards a better environment. Without the work of all these individuals our communities would not only be more dangerous…but much stinkier!

New Slogan:
Keeping You and the Environment Safe

The new National Garbage Man Day slogan “Keeping You and the Environment Safe” captures the true mission of these individuals. It also strikes at the heart of why we celebrate the women and men in the waste management industry. Performing their jobs day in and day out with excellence keeps our local communities and the world at large safe and clean. Many people may not realize the enormous environmental impacts of recycling programs or how their local sanitation workers are positively impacting the world’s environment. Why do you Love Your Garbage Man? Because they are “Keeping You and the Environment Safe”!

Join with us the week of June 17th to celebrate these hard-working women and men for National Garbage Man Day!

Article by Beau Moffatt

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