Proclamation Reminder: Bring National Garbage Man Day to Your Community!

Issue a Proclamation to Recognize June 17 as National Garbage Man Day |

Don’t forget to submit your Proclamation Requests or follow up on them if they have already been submitted. Would you like to see your town, city or state celebrate National Garbage Man Day this year? Now is the time to ask your Mayor, City Council and Governor to issue a¬†proclamation recognizing June 17 as National Garbage Man Day.

Make It Official

We encourage everyone to participate in recognizing their solid waste service providers on National Garbage Man Day and throughout the week of June 17. From thank you cards and yard signs to raising awareness and calling your service provider to say thanks, there are lots of ways to celebrate. This year, we encourage you to reach out to your local and state officials and ask them to recognize National Garbage Man Day with an official proclamation.

Don’t Wait!

These things can take time. Contact your City Council, Mayor and Governor today to ensure they have time to properly draft and issue a proclamation. Now is also the time to get your friends, family and neighbors on board. Encourage them to call and email their government officials as well. The more your officials hear from the community, the more likely they are to understand how important it is to recognize National Garbage Man Day and say thank you to these hard working women and men.

National Garbage Man Day Proclamations

Across the country, proclamations have been issued at many government levels. From small towns to large cities and even at the state level, communities have been stepping up to recognize the hard working individuals in the sanitation industry. Here are some examples from cities and states that have issued proclamations recognizing National Garbage Man Day:

Share Your Story

Visit for more ideas on how you can celebrate National Garbage Man Day. Then, visit us on Facebook to tell us how you and your community are going to to recognize and thank your local sanitation workers this year. Be sure to share a link to any National Garbage Man Day proclamations from your area.