Celebration Resouces

Show Your Appreciation

National Garbage Man Day is a great time to show your appreciation by serving those who serve our communities. Throughout the week of June 17th, join us in thanking your garbage collection providers and all those who work in the waste industry.

Encourage your community to join the National Garbage Man Day Celebration by inviting friends and neighbors to show their appreciation. It doesn’t take much. Taking the time to simply say "Thanks" goes a long way. Here are a few fun celebration ideas to get you started.

Be sure to share your stories and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter using #GarbageManDay.

Print Garbage Man Day Tshirts

Show your pride and appreciation with a National Garbage Man Day tshirt. Order one for yourself from the store or download the graphic for free and order shirts for your entire company or group.

Download a printable Thank You eCard

It’s easy! Download and printout our hand eCard to say Thank You. Print it out, fold it, tape it to the garbage can during the week of June 17.

Share on Facebook

Like us on Facebook for fun photos to repin to your wall. Remind your friends and family of the invisible people in our lives who deserve thanks.

Get the Kids Involved

Appreciating our public servants starts young. Download and print out our FREE Garbage Man Day Coloring Book PDF for the kiddos to show their appreciation too.

Free Badges for Your Website

Got a site? Work for a waste management company? We’ve made it easy to spread the word about this important event. Visit our Web Badges page to easily embed a graphic on your site or in your social media.

Cookies, Anyone?

Consider meeting your provider with “Thank you” treat.  Perhaps a plate of cookies? How about a cold bottle of water.

Visit the Wall of Honor

Learn about the men and women who have transformed the waste management over the years.

Help Them Lift It!

Got a big pile after your spring cleaning efforts? How about meeting them at the curb and helping them lift it in.  A little kindness goes a long way to show we are aware of their efforts.

Call to Say, “Thank you”

It’s easy to complain when things are not done right.  Consider calling your local provider with a word of thanks and appreciation for all the weeks they do their job well!

Join the Recycling Effort

Let’s take some ownership for our garbage contributions.  Consider ways you can reduce, recycle and reuse the things being thrown in the garbage from your own home.

Request a Proclamation

Contact your state or local government and ask them to issue a Proclamation recognizing June 17 as National Garbage Man Day.

Download the Logo

To help spread the word and get your celebration started, we are providing these National Garbage Man Day graphics for you to download and use for FREE.